Ohio is home.  This is where it all started.   Alex grew up in Cleveland, and now lives in Cincinnati.   Columbus is right in the middle!   This is an invite-only situation.   Enter to WIN YOUR INVITE at one of the city links below.  If you win, you and a guest will be invited to join us in September to listen to Alex's new music first.  We also want YOU to be a part of the project.   We will be asking you to rate the songs you hear.  Which songs do you like the best?  How do they make you feel? It's going to be fun, and your feedback will help us make some critical decisions about he final EP that will be released in October.   Good Luck to you. 


If you win an invite, you will be contacted.    Your invite will be for you and a guest. There will not be space for anyone else, including parents.    You will be hearing unreleased music, and there are no phones, ipods, ipads, cameras, or recording devices allowed.   We will be checking in phones when you arrive in plastic bags with your name on them, and we can hold onto them during the event.   You will be given your phone back as soon as we are done playing the new music.   If you are seen using a cell phone,  you will be asked to leave the listening party immediately. Here are the times of the events:  Cincinnati: 6-8pm.  Columbus:  2-4pm, and Cleveland: 1-3pm.   Alex will be attending at the end of the events, and he wants to hang/take pictures with everyone.   There will also be snacks provided.  There is no need to enter more than one time at the links above,  it will not help your chances of winning.   There will only be 25 winners per city.   Don't worry, if you don't win an invite, we are already planning other things in these cities after the new music is released.  

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