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Tina Tour Blog Day #22 #TTB @alexandissymom
Posted on 7/30/2015

It felt soooo good to be home.  Took a cab to our place and got in about 11:30 am. We literally dropped everything in the entrance and all went to our own space to relax. Izzy vegged on the couch and watched tv, Alex went in his room and played video games with his friends online, and I went straight to my room. 

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Tina Tour Blog Day #21 #TTB @alexandissymom
Posted on 7/29/2015

We are up early heading back to Cincy for a day off. The rest of yesterday went well. We had a fun meet n greet with a bunch of Atlanta fangelos. We got to see Hannah and her Mom. They have been supportive for a very long time and are a lot of fun. They would come to see us at Florida events especially the ones in Panama City Beach...

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Tina Tour Blog Day #20 #ttb @alexandissymom
Posted on 7/28/2015

Sorry this blog is so late today. Time got away from me. So we drove five hours yesterday from Jacksonville to Atlanta. I let the kids sleep in and I just relaxed. I wanted to workout but I reserved my energy for the long drive ahead.

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