Why does my parent need to fill out this form? 

We are a real business.  Alex doesn’t handle the bookings-  (Mom does)  We need to handle all bookings with an adult.  Thanks.

Can I book you for something a year away? 

We normally only book 6 months out and less.  Alex’s goal is to be on tour.  IF he is on tour, he will not be able to do a party.  So we can pencil something in, then reach out in the future to talk about your event if it’s far off in the future.

How far out in advance do we need to book you? 

It all depends on our schedule.  We have bookings for the next 6-8 months, but that doesn’t mean that we are booked every night.  Check the availability calendar, and see if we are booked on your date.

What happens if we book Alex- then he gets asked to go out on a tour or a BIG show opening up for an artist? 

This is a great question, and unfortunately it has happened.  We usually know about these huge opportunities for Alex well in advance-  so we can call you and attempt to reschedule IF this happens.  With what Alex wants to do- he cannot afford to pass up big opportunities to open up for big artists..  And of course, if we are unable to do your event because of this situation – you would get a full refund on your deposit.

How long will it take for you to get back to us about an event?  

We get lots of requests for bookings and we do our best to get back to you about your event within 3-5 business days.

How long will he perform?  

The quote that we give you will be for 2 hours.  He can DJ/DANCE for 2 hours straight, or he can take some of that time to take pictures with people from the party.

Can he come for only 30 minutes? 

Sorry.  We only do parties for at least two hours.

Can he go for MORE than 2 hours? 

This can be discussed at an additional cost and it depends on the event and his availability.   Alex is 13, and two hours is a lot.   He isn’t a typical DJ that will stand behind a table and DJ.  He is going hard with high energy for the entire event.

Can he just come to my party for a lower price… just to hang out? 

Unfortunately, no.  We need to keep the dates available to full bookings, and we appreciate nights off so we can spend them together as a family.

Do you guys use a contract? 


What if I need to cancel the event I booked? 

It depends on when you need to cancel.  Our hope would be to reschedule the event.  You may have to forfeit your deposit.

How much is the deposit? 

The deposit is 50%, and is due within 5 days of booking the event.  If not received, your date will become available for someone else to book.

How much does it cost to book Alex for a private event?   

Our costs are very similar to what someone would pay for a mobile DJ entertainment company to come and perform at your event. The prices are always changing based on demand.   The price we give you is ONLY for you and your date.  We have a trailer full of expensive professional equipment that we bring with us.  The equipment is expensive to maintain and repair if something breaks too!  It takes about an hour to set up for an event, and 45 minutes to tear down.  We also need to travel to your event- sometimes close, sometimes far.  Sometimes, traveling to your event will require us to stay overnight!   We bring sound, lights, fog, etc.  The remainder is talent cost.

Due to high demand, our prices (and costs) have been increasing.  That’s also why we ask not to share your quote with others, because it may be different. We aren’t a “mobile entertainment company” – but you can see below what some of these businesses are charging.

Photo Booth rental for 2 hours:  $500. 

Reputable Mobile DJ Service for 2 hours:  $800. 

Gaming Truck for 2 hours: $400 

Alex is now a touring music artist- and is in a unique position to be able to do private parties since he is a DJ/Dancer/Singer.   Many artists wouldn’t be able to do this, and entertain a private event for up to two hours.  Alex does it all the time, and uses that money to support his dream.

Can you do private parties and events outside of the Cleveland, Ohio area? 

Yes.  we do.  However, please understand that there will be additional travel costs involved.   We have actually done parties where we need to FLY to your event.  In this case, you would be responsible to airfare, and all sound/lighting equipment at the party.   Usually, the best way to handle this is to hire a DJ company in your area, and explain what you are trying to do.   They will set up their equipment, sound, lights for Alex to use when we get to your event.  We will discuss with the person you hire to make sure we have the right stuff that Alex can use.

Do you do school dances/events? 

Yes.  Absolutely.

So I am paying for this party.  Where does the money go?   

Great question.  We have created a small business for Alex (IGAG Productions).  Alex is a highly driven kid.  He is now a touring music artist that has opened up for some of the biggest names in music.  Cody Simpson, Carly Rae Jepsen, Pitbull, Austin Mahone and more.   Those BIG opportunities in other cities are expensive for us.  We don’t have a record label or financial backer that pays for Alex to travel.  Everything he uses on stage, and uses at parties- he has paid for himself.  We are blessed to be invited to perform with huge music artists- but with where he is at in his career, it costs US/HIM money to afford these opportunities. In most cases, we are responsible for airfare (for 4- we travel as a family), hotel, transportation and any additional accommodations associated with going on a big trip.  Alex uses the money he makes from parties to be able to afford these huge opportunities.   By booking him for a party,YOU are truly helping with his success.

My daughter had me fill out this event form, and I have no idea who Alex is?  What is this? 

Great question.  Alex is a 13 year old from Cleveland, Ohio with big dreams.   You can learn more about this journey we are on right here.  He also has a Youtube Channel.  Youtube.com/gutikids.

Do you accept credit cards? 

Yes.  We can accept credit cards for deposits, merch, etc.  There is a 3% fee to use a credit card.

What is included in my price? 

Two hours of performing
Sound, Lights, etc
Set up and tear down.

Will Alex take pictures with everyone? 

Absolutely.  A part of that two hours performing time can be carved out so that he can take pics, sign things and hang with your guests.

My daughter is asking about wristbands and t-shirts?  Do you bring them?  

Yes.  We bring a small amount of merchandise to all events.   We typically have shirts, wristbands, posters (that he will gladly sign) T shirts are typically $15. Smaller stuff like posters and wristbands are around $5 each.

I have more questions!   Who can I contact?  

email: alexangelobooking@gmail.com