Alex Angelo is a singer, DJ, and  dancer and producer.  Born in Fort Myers, Florida and raised in Ohio, he started dancing for the Cleveland Cavs at 7 years old. He started DJing at age 10 using his dad’s ipad. Alex’s family moved and he needed to sell a skateboard ramp that couldn’t make the move.   He took that money and bought some used DJ equipment that allowed him to take his new hobby from the iPad to the Technics 1200s.  Within a couple years, Alex has opened up for several musical artists including Justin Bieber,  Pitbull, Carly Rae Jepsen, Austin Mahone, Hoodie Allen, and more. Alex has been featured on Radio Disney and the Disney Channel. He hosted his self produced radio mix show on Radio Disney for two years. He was the DJ throughout the Disney Channel broadcast of the Radio Disney Music Awards.   In 2014, he released his debut EP "THIS IS THE BEGINNING" and went on two national tours with Austin Mahone.  Alex makes trips to LA to study dance with famed choreographer/creative director Flii Stylz (Chris Brown, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Michael Jackson). In 2015, Alex crossed the country two times on national tours making thousands of new FANGELOS. Alex released his latest EP called "Stay Like This" in the fall. Alex produced all the tracks and wrote/co-wrote on all of the tracks on the "Stay Like This" EP. 
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