Welcome to alexangelo.com. I have figured out a really happy place for me. I am making music and giving you music when I feel good about it. I have no idea how this will continue, but I am having an amazing time sharing this with you. I will continue to create as long as you continue to enjoy it. I am 16. I really feel like I am still just getting started.  I am learning new things and getting better with every song I create. I look forward to working with others on music,  but I am at a place where I don't need to wait on anyone. When I am inspired, I go to the basement and work.  I feel proud of the content that I am creating. This is my path. I don't need to look at other people trying to win this game and try to make their path work for me. I need to make my own path work for me. I have my family and my friends behind me. I continue to surround myself with good people that believe in me. If this continues to grow, amazing. If not, I am having fun and I will be happy no matter what. Thank you. I hope you enjoy my music. There are also links on the soundcloud links to download the stuff for free. You can also get it with Spotify, Apple Music and everywhere else. Don't buy it. Just get it. I am not in this right now to make millions. I am in this to get more people into what I am trying to do. I appreciate you.  Thank you. -Alex​​
Alex loves getting fanmail.  You can send anything you would like to the following address.  Please don't send food in the mail. 
PO BOX  43204
Cincinnati, Ohio 45243
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